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Re: Fedora 9 Marketing plan?

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
OK, I still haven't heard anything back from people about whether this
was a good idea or not but I'm pretty sure Alpha is out tomorrow so I
figured I'd finish it - at least the text content - so that we
definitely have something ready to point people to about Alpha.

If people had other things in mind - or just thought this was
unnecessary and don't think we should use it - it would have been good
for somebody to drop a note letting us know about this a little
earlier! I might make a few more changes, and I don't have a rawhide
system at the minute to take screenshots with so if somebody else
would like to add them that would be cool.

As always, any and all feedback would be welcome :)

I did post to this list, the alpha release notes link at


The Pre-upgrade feature is noet yet complete for the alpha and we probably shouldn't mentioned it yet other than point to the generic feature list which mentions the plans for the general release. I wouldn't make any promises about Presto either. Maybe encouraging it's use would be useful for feedback. Other than that, you can merge the content of these two pages together.


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