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Re: Fedora 9 Marketing plan?

On 04/02/2008, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
> Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> > OK, I still haven't heard anything back from people about whether this
> > was a good idea or not but I'm pretty sure Alpha is out tomorrow so I
> > figured I'd finish it - at least the text content - so that we
> > definitely have something ready to point people to about Alpha.
> Of course it is a good thing. But I think the list is a bit short, would
> leave the [wrong] impression F9 has very few worthy new features.
> You should add some items even if they are super-obvious, like Firefox 3
> with XulRunner.

Agreed - the release summary Rahul just posted definitely provides
information about more features which is a great thing, and merging
would seem the sensible idea inline with the the work discussed on
Docs and here lately.

I could use some help with the merge though, as I see the two
documents to serve two different purposes. I wrote the one I did with
the explicit intention of it being brief and easily "scannable" by
press and lay press a-like; the release notes, on the other hand, seem
to provide more information relevant to users and contributors of
Fedora and is certainly busier, perhaps leaving more work for press
people to do to find the information they need.

What do people think about this? Any suggestions? Do we even need a
briefer summary for the Alpha release?


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