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Fedora 9 Alpha Release Notes WAS Re: Fedora 9 Marketing plan?


I think I've finished doing all the integration I can face right now
between those two documents. Karsten, I've tried to restyle it a bit
to your proposal for the "One summary to rule them all" idea and I've
tidied up the language where possible.


At the minute it's very text heavy, some screenshots from people
running rawhide would be very cool. Also, I think the following
sections probably still need work:

"Applications" - It might be good to either expand on what's new in
Firefox 3 or to find some more applications that we'd like to draw
attention to upgrades?

"Anaconda Installer Improvements" - perhaps somebody who knows more
than I do could explain why people should care about these? Basically,
I'd like to find some friendlier language to describe these

"Kernel" - Same as Anaconda really, any chance we can make this friendlier?

The other thing I think we could do with is a consistent way to link
to both feature pages and upstream pages so readers can easily find
more info.

OK, besides that I'm quite happy with the shape it's in, but I don't
know what other people think?

Best wishes,


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