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making the website better

I wanted to share with the marketing list this idea.

Ive talked to some guys at the websites group and it seems that there is
a lack of people helping in that area. I also commented in my blog a few
days ago about the lack of information the main site has, leaving almost
all the basic information to the wiki, which makes the site
fedoraproject.org useless. 

So the people from the websites team encouraged me to lead an effort to
work on this issue, im already thinking about the basic information the
main site of the project should have and so im already working on the
design of the new sections. 

As a prospective member of the marketing team, i want to work on the
website by providing the really important information about the project
(for specific information we have the wiki) while, at the same time,
working on some banners or sections to encourage people to join the
community specially on areas that are weak on man power such as the
websites team. 

So far this is the list of important items that should appear somewhere
int http://fedoraproject.org on the Index (home) page

* A small article explaining what fedora is (its already in the website)
* A small div with the News (Fedora Weekly News)
* A direct link (or links) to download the liveCDS or iso DVD
* List of the mos significant Spins currently hosted on the mirrors

Also there should be (imo) a new section which explain how to get help
and support.

If any of you have another idea about some other item that should be in
the main site share it.

BTW, this is not official, and its just a proposal that i think its
necessary for the project.

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