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Re: Alpha Release Day Metrics

Jonathan Roberts wrote:

I think the problem we're fighting with here is that a lot of digg
users probably don't read the article before voting: they see Ubuntu
and "Release" in the title and hit digg regardless of the content.
Well OK, that's a guess - any other explanations?

Of course this is true, *but* our stats show millions of Fedora users, there must be a few hundreds among them who are digg readers and willing to hit digg like monkeys regardless of the content just like the Ubuntu fanboys, right?

If what we want to get is diggs then we should put a "digg this" button (with graphics) in the page we want to promote (release note, interview, etc. - yeah, I know this is not easy to do inside the wiki due to the needed JavaScript) and probably a button (with nice graphics) on the various blog posts about it.

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