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Re: Alpha Release Day Metrics

Jonathan Roberts wrote:

Actually, has anyone considered that the site becoming unresponsive
for a while could have reduced the number of people digging? There was
this /. comment: "provided by google since Fedora's server is
overloaded right now)" I don't know how long this lasted for or
anything, but its a possible explanation?

Probably. I already noticed very long response times in the last few weeks; this happens often but not always, and looks like some sort of server overload. By the way, I take the occasion for introducing myself after I joined the Ambassadors group. You can find some information about me here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ElioTondo and even if you can see that I'm definitely older than the average Fedora contributor, I share with you the same commitment to the success of this wonderful distribution. I decided to join the Ambassadors group because I will probably have chances in the near future to promote OSS and specifically Linux, and I want to try to contribute to Fedora success. As an example, I am consulting for a company doing high-volume courseware and I am currently pushing towards using Fedora as the "example distro" in the Linux section of a general purpose IT course they are designing right now, and I will speak at an OSS conference in the next months, organized by Mensa Italy http://mensa.it/ and Consip, a company of the Italian Ministry of Finance http://www.consip.it/ (and hopefully in other events later).

Coming back to the performance issues, I just had a 35s (!) response time when going from my Wiki page through the link at the bottom to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/CategoryAmbassadorsItaly (the same time a few minutes ago); then I tried to go to the category home page http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/CategoryHomepage and I had to stop the browser after two minutes (!!); then I retried and reached the page after 50 seconds. Actually it looks like the Wiki is the problem, since the home page http://fedoraproject.org/ is loaded quickly, but trying to go to any Wiki page takes often around 30s or more (sometimes it times out, sometimes I get also an Internal server error).

I think that these response times can be discouraging for users trying to get information about Fedora, and any effort aimed to understand and fix the problem will enhance Fedora visibility. BTW, I just tried the Ubuntu site (I don't like Ubuntu and it's a long time since my last visit there) and I found it lightning fast. I think that Fedora deserves more infrastructure power to avoid being considered a poorly performing distro.


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