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Re: Alpha Release Day Metrics

On Wed, 6 Feb 2008, Jonathan Roberts wrote:

> > I think the problem we're fighting with here is that a lot of digg
> > users probably don't read the article before voting: they see Ubuntu
> > and "Release" in the title and hit digg regardless of the content.
> > Well OK, that's a guess - any other explanations?
> Actually, has anyone considered that the site becoming unresponsive
> for a while could have reduced the number of people digging? There was
> this /. comment: "provided by google since Fedora's server is
> overloaded right now)" I don't know how long this lasted for or
> anything, but its a possible explanation?

Their requests still would have come up in the logs.  Just with a 302.
This brings up a good point though.  I can't discourage linking to the
wiki enough.  If you do link to the wiki (as Jesse said earlier) let the
infrastructure team know so we can create a static page out of it.


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