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Re: Alpha Release Day Metrics

On Wed, 6 Feb 2008, Elio Tondo wrote:

> Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> > Actually, has anyone considered that the site becoming unresponsive
> > for a while could have reduced the number of people digging? There was
> > this /. comment: "provided by google since Fedora's server is
> > overloaded right now)" I don't know how long this lasted for or
> > anything, but its a possible explanation?
> Probably. I already noticed very long response times in the last few weeks;
> this happens often but not always, and looks like some sort of server
> overload. By the way, I take the occasion for introducing myself after I
> joined the Ambassadors group. You can find some information about me here:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ElioTondo and even if you can see that I'm
> definitely older than the average Fedora contributor, I share with you the
> same commitment to the success of this wonderful distribution. I decided to
> join the Ambassadors group because I will probably have chances in the near
> future to promote OSS and specifically Linux, and I want to try to contribute
> to Fedora success. As an example,  I am consulting for a company doing
> high-volume courseware and I am currently pushing towards using Fedora as the
> "example distro" in the Linux section of a general purpose IT course they are
> designing right now, and I will speak at an OSS conference in the next months,
> organized by Mensa Italy http://mensa.it/ and Consip, a company of the Italian
> Ministry of Finance http://www.consip.it/ (and hopefully in other events
> later).
> Coming back to the performance issues, I just had a 35s (!) response time when
> going from my Wiki page through the link at the bottom to
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/CategoryAmbassadorsItaly (the same time a few
> minutes ago); then I tried to go to the category home page
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/CategoryHomepage and I had to stop the browser
> after two minutes (!!); then I retried and reached the page after 50 seconds.
> Actually it looks like the Wiki is the problem, since the home page
> http://fedoraproject.org/ is loaded quickly, but trying to go to any Wiki page
> takes often around 30s or more (sometimes it times out, sometimes I get also
> an Internal server error).
> I think that these response times can be discouraging for users trying to get
> information about Fedora, and any effort aimed to understand and fix the
> problem will enhance Fedora visibility. BTW, I just tried the Ubuntu site (I
> don't like Ubuntu and it's a long time since my last visit there) and I found
> it lightning fast. I think that Fedora deserves  more infrastructure power to
> avoid being considered a poorly performing distro.

The wiki shouldn't be used to get information to end users.  Use the
fedoraproject.org/ (no /wiki) or docs if you have something to say to end
users.  Our site is also lightning fast, just not Moin.


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