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Re: openSuse's new community leader

Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
Max Spevack escribió:
It looks like Joe Brockmeier has been hired as the openSuse community leader.



Interesting read. I particularly liked the bits about an Open Statistics effort (I wonder if that would include Smolt) and when he plead for people to look beyond the Microsoft Covenant and see their contributions. I especially am thankful to Novell for the contributions made by some of their programmers (Xorg programmers) and AMD for providing high quality totally open and free drivers for AMD hardware, particularly graphics cards, with the radeonHD X11 driver.

FYI, I have mailed him about Smolt (As I have done previously to many SUSE folks) and got a positive response. Let em followup and see if we can take this forward.


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