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Re: We suck at explaining stuff

> Sure and an interview would fix that which I am well aware. If people
> have time, contribute. Repeat: It isn't that we don't know what the
> flaws are. It is that we don't have enough contributors to fix them.

+1  - I helped write that particular section and while I appreciate
the feedback I'd like the author to have known two things:

1) Those release notes were mostly put together by me and Rahul - I
think I'm correct in saying this - and it takes quite a lot of time.
If more people contributed then we could come up with better
descriptions for all of the points that we're highlighting.

2) In light of 1) - i.e. having limited time - we can only spend so
much time explaining what each feature is and why it matters. The
description of that feature I'm sure is adequate for the people who
it's useful to to understand; likewise the description of features
that are more relevant to end-users is at least a bit better - I hope.

But yes, more contributors will mean we have more man hours to throw
at this and can do a better job. Please, join in.


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