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Re: We suck at explaining stuff

ons, 06 02 2008 kl. 18:00 +0000, skrev Jonathan Roberts:
> > Sure and an interview would fix that which I am well aware. If people
> > have time, contribute. Repeat: It isn't that we don't know what the
> > flaws are. It is that we don't have enough contributors to fix them.
> >
> +1  - I helped write that particular section and while I appreciate
> the feedback I'd like the author to have known two things:

I love how people assume:

a) that I don't contribute
b) that man power is an excuse for making the same mistakes over and

I am an active contributor I maintain several packages and do a lot of
work around Fedora. I give Fedora as many hours of my day as I can,
currently it's a lot, brushing off criticism on the grounds that I
refuse to give you more is not logical. Following that thinking the only
way to be entitled to an opinion would be ceasing to sleep, eating or
having a social life so to take part in each and every aspect of Fedora
intimately. I take bug reports on my work, the marketing team can
consider this the same on their work.

- David

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