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Re: We suck at explaining stuff

David Nielsen wrote:
ons, 06 02 2008 kl. 19:25 +0000, skrev Jonathan Roberts:

Anyway, I hope I haven't offended you and I hope you'll see where
we're coming from too.

I think interviews would be a great way to both create a bit of hype
during the development cycle and maybe let you get away with smaller
release notes, in that most of the fun explanatory stuff could be hidden
behind a "learn more about this feature in this interview" link. This
would offload you during the cycle and give you a reference for writing
the feature notes.

Well it won't offload our work if the people doing the release notes are the same people doing the interview work.

Or we could raise the request that feature inclusion came with a demand
to provide a release note feature description. Even if such a note was
just 3 lines of text it would give something to go on and expand upon,
serve a base for asking questions.

Such a discussion is already happening in Fedora devel list now. I expect push back as we had a lot of push back when the feature process was introduced. It is never easy.

There are ways to make your life easier, more productive ways than
saying that you are just 2 guys with limited time and if we want it
nicer we should contribute. By telling you where it hurts we are trying
to help, just like a user is helping me make Fedora better when he files
a bugreport.

Only if there are people sitting on the other end processing those bug reports. Now we have hundreds of bugs being filed and not many people to triage them. As far as marketing team is concerned, what we need is a triage team and more maintainers willing to fix stuff. I could give you a long list of already filed bug reports to process.


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