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Re: Alpha Release Day Metrics

> We've also got some nice social networking tools we can use:
> * At any given moment there are 200+ people logged in to #fedora-devel.
> If we dropped in one or two digg requests a day it might not be annoying
> * There are a few Fedora groups in Mugshot
> Of course, at some point this is all annoying for everyone to be
> barraged with "digg this" requests.
> One place that it might make sense to send digg requests is fedora-list.
> However, I don't see any such requests (at least, not with 'digg' in the
> subject) for the last four or five months.
> Maybe if a few times a week we pick one of the items sent to
> f-marketing-l and make it a digg request on fedora-list?

The one thing I'm always aware of with this is to emphasise that they
read the article first and digg if they enjoy it. I know it sounds
silly, and I'm sure many will just digg without reading, but otherwise
it's not so in the spirit of sites like digg :)

But besides that, I like this idea...

Best wishes,


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