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Re: Alpha Release Day Metrics

Elio Tondo said the following on 02/06/2008 06:45 AM Pacific Time:
Mike McGrath wrote:

I think that these response times can be discouraging for users trying to get
information about Fedora, and any effort aimed to understand and fix the
problem will enhance Fedora visibility. BTW, I just tried the Ubuntu site (I don't like Ubuntu and it's a long time since my last visit there) and I found it lightning fast. I think that Fedora deserves more infrastructure power to
avoid being considered a poorly performing distro.

The wiki shouldn't be used to get information to end users.  Use the
fedoraproject.org/ (no /wiki) or docs if you have something to say to end
users.  Our site is also lightning fast, just not Moin.

Ok, I'm now on http://fedoraproject.org/ . I see nine links. Four of them (Wiki, Communicate, Events on the left menu, and Learn more in the middle of the page, go to Wiki. The annoncement of F9 Alpha posted on http://www.press.redhat.com/2008/02/05/help-shape-fedora-9-alpha-release-now-available/ is also on the Wiki. Is this enough to say that, if the Wiki is slow, there is a significant impact on the user experience?



Yes, this is screaming for a CMS (content management system)--something more evolved than a wiki or static html pages. Switching to something of this nature, for example Plone, has been discussed for a long time, but to my knowledge we haven't had enough resources and people to lead it in order to make it happen.


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