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Re: Generic Fedora Poster Designs for Events

I think these look great. I really like the idea of breaking down the message into the three distinct stories (although I admittedly haven't read the copy too closely yet). From a brand manager's perspective, I would agree with the suggestion to revisit the background colors. I would recommend staying close to the Fedora "core" brand colors: blue, black and white. If the intent is to use these at events, and it's possible that the three posters would exist side-by-side, think about the *STRONG* brand statement that would make ... even from far away / across the ballroom.


Máirín Duffy wrote:
Clint Savage wrote:
Do we have svg's of these somewhere?  I want to put these up at LUGs
and a couple conferences I attend.  Are they approved by RedHat, not
that it matters for my personal use...

Absolutely, the SVG is in the same directory, just replace the png with svg in the URL.


I think the text might be kinda crack rock tho. I'm gonna make a blog post about them with the text in plain text to get a wider audience and see if I can get some revisions for the text.

I really do want to change the background colors too, they are a bit hideous. :(


John Q. Adams
Brand Manager | Red Hat
Brand Communications + Design
joadams redhat com

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