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Re: Generic Fedora Poster Designs for Events

John Adams wrote:
Please don't misinterpret me ... I am in no way suggesting that the creativity of the art team be squelched. Every day, there are tons of examples of new, interesting, innovative and creative designs that still exist within the "confines" of a brand's identity. The designers that I know see this as a welcome challenge!

John, please also don't misinterpret Valent... he is in no way related to the Art Team, he just has a passion to flame us :p (and was told in numerous occasions to "put up or shut up" with no result...) We in the Art Team like blue and consider it an important part of the Fedora identity (in some cases the *main* part of the identity, as we de-emphasize the logo in the desktop graphics).

Valent Turkovic wrote:
Why is always somebody stopping the creativity in ArtTeam? Anytime
they make something new, creative and interesting somebody says it has
to be blue and nothing else... please let them do the great job they
do and don't put a lid too much limits on their creativity.

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