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Re: making the website better

On Feb 7, 2008 9:04 AM, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
> That, unfortunately, takes a website vision that we just don't have.  If
> everyone has a different opinion of what they think the website should be,
> we'll end up with a messy page that we'll have to re-do again.
> Unfortunately proper UI people are few and far between :(

Here's where I come in, swinging my baseball bat.

If someone is willing to step up with a consistent vision and an
self-assessed deadline that the can communicate to me, I'll give them
them my official blessing to run with it.  That official blessing
includes me playing bad cop and wasting my time fending off the
negative energy while they actually get things done.  And if they can
communicate what they are looking for in terms of skilled helpers,
I'll beat the bushes for those people as best I can.

I think most people are in violent agreement that our entry point
material needs to change. So its time to change.  If the first effort
isn't perfect... so be it.  Hell, even if the first effort isn't
'good' it will be better than being stuck in the mud.

Juan seems to be on the right track.  If he's willing to put in the
work to make a change, I'm willing to give him the necessary cover and


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