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Re: Alpha Release Day Metrics

On 08/02/2008, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> wrote:
> I'd volunteer a few dozen KK doughnuts to anyone who can take a lead
> role in channeling the energy on fedora-list into a steady rising
> pressure of activism, engineered to explode on release day.  I hate
> people, so I know it won't be me.  And to be honest I'm running out of
> brain space for things to think about, so don't expect rainbow charts
> on this.

I've just signed up to the list and will take a few days to think
about the best approach for this. If I come up with anything good I'll
have a crack and see where I can get :) The difficult bit will be
figuring out how to create an "engineered explosion of activism" on
release day - sounds like a fun challenge though!

> Other than digg'n what other small personal time investment tasks can
> non-traditional contributors do to make an impact?  Let's make a short
> list, and then perhaps 'we' can just do a weekly challenge, and rotate
> the task each week.  Perhaps a natural leader will become apparent(The
> person who consistently tells us we are doing it wrong) in the first
> two or three weeks.

Short list:

1) Digg (or submit to whatever your favorite news site is - Karsten's
suggestion of one item a week from the bits that crop up on
f-marketing-l seems like it would be quite a good start)
2) Post comments on favorite news sites pointing to Fedora's
innovations/motivations for doing things etc (at least where relevant)
3) Give a friend a live CD and point them in the direction of
fedora-list/fedora irc (using a mac and have no idea where the hash
key is - this is ridiculous, so much for ease of use :S)
4) Answer one Free Media request (don't know much about this program
or how it works)
5) Perhaps we could get some "spread Fedora" banners (a la "spread
firefox") for people to put on blogs/websites/forum sigs etc

Can't think of any more just now - anybody else?

Best wishes,


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