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separate fpo domain? (was Re: making the website better)

What do folks think about this idea?

fedoraproject.org being the website for the PROJECT, while a separate domain would be more focused towards uses of the project's output, Fedora the linux distro itself?

would something like fedoralinux.org work?

Or are we barking up the wrong tree?


Elio Tondo wrote:
Luis Felipe Marzagao/Yahoo ha scritto:

I agree. For completely new useres (to linux and to open source), the idea of a "project" itself sounds a bit strange. Some of them think it's a product that is not "ready" yet, like something that has not come out of the paper (the project or the bluprint). Changing it for something like get-fedora.org, as suggested, may improve Fedora visibility and download.


Too bad that http://fedora.org/ is really disgusting... and the other common GTLDs are also unavailable. Any other ideas about an appealing domain name?


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