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Re: making the website better

On Fri, 2008-02-08 at 11:24 -0500, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Any interest in knocking out some answers to the following questions?
>  > (1) Who is our target audience?
>  > (2) What are the goals of our target audience?
>  > (3) What are our goals?

Im starting to think that my replays are not being read or note being
received by the mailing list T-T

(1) I think that we all agree that our primary target would be new
fedora users/potential fedora users, as the fp.org website is meant to
show what the project is about and not dealing with the so deep issues
of the project (thats what the wiki is about).

(2) This is more a supposition than any other thing, but ive been
working on web development for a while and i might have get some
experience knowing what a website should focus in. So if our primary
target is new/potential fedora users, what they might be looking is what
the project is about, what are the new features the project has added,
whats so different about this project that make it better over some
others, and essentially how to be part of the community, either by
joining and contributing, or just by downloading the OS and being a user
(in case they are not users yet)

(3) Our goals should be to satisfy our target's goals!, which mean
showing the necessary info to supply their need of information about the
project, but also, it should be motivating them to join, and be part of
the community

BTW, Máirín, i'd like to know if i might have access to the designs you
made for the Spins website. I want to work a bit about making the spins
more noticeable. Also I'm already working on fp.org by adding a news
section with the Fedora weekly news RSS.

Please, i already send the link with the current design, please comment
on it and let me know if you like it or if there is any suggestion

here is the link again: http://jprada.fedorapeople.org/pagina_web/

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