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Re: separate fpo domain? (was Re: making the website better)

On Feb 8, 2008 12:07 PM, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
>> On Fri, 8 Feb 2008, Máirín Duffy wrote:
>> What do folks think about this idea?
>> fedoraproject.org being the website for the PROJECT, while a separate
>> domain would be more focused towards uses of the project's output,
>> Fedora the linux distro itself?
> Before we go about registering another website and dividing traffic, let
> us come up with content and demonstrate how it is going to be different
> from fp.o and why a single website won't meet both audiences. It is
> difficult enough with a discussion between what should be in the wiki vs
> static pages. Having yet another place isn't going to smoothen that
> discussion.

I would agree with Rahul that we probably shouldn't further divide our
traffic to other domains.  We want to bring them into the front door -
fedoraproject.org - and let that act as a place to get to other more
content specific areas.  That's not to say we couldn't have a section
geared for users as either a subdirectory or sub-domain under

By bringing people into the Fedora community through a main landing
page it should also make messaging to the community a little easier,
as we would have one main place to put that special banner announcing
the upcoming FudCon, Alpha and Beta releases, Gold releases, etc.


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