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Re: separate fpo domain? (was Re: making the website better)

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Elio Tondo wrote:
Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:

On Fri, 8 Feb 2008, Máirín Duffy wrote:

What do folks think about this idea?

fedoraproject.org being the website for the PROJECT, while a separate domain would be more focused towards uses of the project's output, Fedora the linux distro itself?

would something like fedoralinux.org work?

Or usefedora.org or getfedora.org.  Sure.

I like the idea of a purely user-focused website.


I would prefer fedoralinux.org.

Before we go about registering another website and dividing traffic, let us come up with content and demonstrate how it is going to be different from fp.o and why a single website won't meet both audiences. It is difficult enough with a discussion between what should be in the wiki vs static pages. Having yet another place isn't going to smoothen that discussion.

I wrote a big write up of all the different audiences I saw and their different needs. From my POV, users vs community contributors and developers have very different needs. Would you mind looking over that post and providing some feedback? I'm looking forward to having a productive convo about it.

I would provide a link to it in the archives but it doesn't seem to have made it there. It's the really long one I sent again to the list this morning.


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