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Re: separate fpo domain? (was Re: making the website better)

On Fri, 8 Feb 2008, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

I'm not afraid of dividing traffic, I'm afraid of shallow traffic...
people who hit an entry point and lose interest quickly because the
page has the wrong information and get bored... or too much
information and they get lost.

So all this "website" talk seems to run around in circles, as it frequently does. Not a criticism so much as an observation; it's a difficult problem. But it's a problem we've been discussing for quite a while.

Who wants to own the problem? Looks like Mo. But it's a lot of work, and I don't know if she has the bandwidth. Who wants to help Mo? Who wants to make decisions and act on them? Maybe it's time for Ricky to step up and run this project. :)

Might also make sense to cross-post to websites-list.


Greg DeKoenigsberg
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...from him much shall be asked"

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