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Re: separate fpo domain? (was Re: making the website better)

Michael Beckwith wrote:

I think it'd be possible to divide the current fp.o url into the specific parts, it would just include 1 more click. Perhaps on the root domain, we sort of wipe it clean and provide 3 major links: "For Developers", "For Users", "For Community Members" or whatever audiences we've determined. Then behind those links, are links relative to the audience they clicked. Users would get links to acquiring the distro and further explanation of what they need to consider. Community members would get links to the various wiki pages and other pages important to them, and so on with the rest.

100% agreed.

BTW, the site now is a lot better than some time ago (early last year?);
I remember having had difficulties even in finding where to download what I was looking for! And I'm not a novice Linux user. Maybe it was during the transition from fedora.redhat.com to the new arrangement.

Nevertheless, I think that if the path to follow to get to the different
pieces of information is clearer, we will have more satisfied users.

Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:

Take a look at Ubuntu's page.  It is clean and simple, but provides a
large amount of information or at the very least a quick path to get
the information you want.  They talk about themselves on the main
page, easily visible links to getting Ubuntu, getting support, getting
involved and developing.  And they have a news feed and links to their
editions (a.k.a. our spins).  And plenty of room to make an
announcement in the top banner.

True. And I think that the main difference is: a potential user going there can easily find what is looking for (some info about the distro, documentation and downloads), and after he/she becomes a (satisfied) user, there is also information about being more involved with the project. We have basically the same information, but IMHO there are two problems: the home page design is less readable (especially the small fonts on the left menu) and the overall feeling is that the site is for the community members and for the developers, not to promote the distro for the general public. This can be fixed with a reasonable effort, and I agree, also without registering a new domain. The important issue is: any new potential user should feel "at home", not having the idea of being a sort of a "guest" on a site owned by and designed for developers and community members.


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