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Re: Alpha Release Day Metrics

On Feb 8, 2008 11:04 AM, Jonathan Roberts
<jonathan roberts uk googlemail com> wrote:
> Short list:
> 1) Digg (or submit to whatever your favorite news site is - Karsten's
> suggestion of one item a week from the bits that crop up on
> f-marketing-l seems like it would be quite a good start)

Can't we just drop the "digg this" buttons on pages we'd like
promoted?  I know whenever I see one of those buttons on projects I
support I click on them.

And so many more...

That way we aren't bugging people to do something all the time.  We'll
probably get much higher numbers from the people that are already
reading the announcements and just didn't think to promote it

> 3) Give a friend a live CD and point them in the direction of
> fedora-list/fedora irc (using a mac and have no idea where the hash
> key is - this is ridiculous, so much for ease of use :S)


> 4) Answer one Free Media request (don't know much about this program
> or how it works)

If everyone did one of these a month, or even a release we'd get a
bunch more people trying out Fedora.  Um, guess I better go burn some
DVDs now...

> 5) Perhaps we could get some "spread Fedora" banners (a la "spread
> firefox") for people to put on blogs/websites/forum sigs etc

We do need more of these.  I've got a Fedora 8 one on my blog now
(thanks to the people collecting them on that wiki page) but there
weren't many to choose from.

Getting swag was like pulling teeth the first time I tried.  All I
wanted was a fedora sticker to put on my laptop.  Finally had to just
buy some from the same place Red Hat gets them.  Shipping was more
than the stickers and I live in the same city as RH HQ.  :-(

However, a letter sized "poster" I'd have printed out in a second and
tacked on the board in the breakroom at work.  Especially around
release time.  I suspect college students would probably put up one or
too around campus if it was that easy.

Russell Harrison
Systems Administrator -- Linux Desktops
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Note:  The positions or opinions expressed in this email are my own.
They are not necessarily those of my employer.

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