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Re: Generic Fedora Poster Designs for Events

Russell Harrison wrote:

The new colors make me want to hurt myself.

The new colors make more sense from a branding standpoint.  While the
old colors were more lively they don't have a "fedora" look to them.

That's true, but we should also think about the feelings of people looking at posters of those colors. Blue is nice and cool, but gives also "cold" sensations. Good for penguins ;-) but please let's try not to be too monothematic. And if we add grey on two thirds of the images, the result is very sad IMHO.

Hey, I'm a total beginer at inkscape and I cooked these up from the
colors on the FedoraColors wiki page.  If I can do it anyone can. ;-)

I like this choice. Much better than the grey-based one.


Are these colors "official"? If this is true, why the grey choice?


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