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Website Team Meetings

(Cross-posted to the websites and marketing lists)


I notice that we used to have Websites team meetings a long time ago,
but they were suspended.  At this point, we should be in a good position
to start further expanding and defining our website, as we've seen in
discussion on the websites and marketing lists.  However, we still have
a lot of design, content, and technical issues that need to be addressed
before we can really move forward.  

With that said, this looks like a good time to setup a meeting time for
everybody to discuss and participate in making these decisions.  What
would be a good time for everybody to meet on IRC?  I should probably be
good for most of Wednesday and Friday evenings or any time over the

Right now, here are some items that we want to talk about:

 * Website purposes/targets
 * Expanding beyond our current content/design
 * Improving our handling of translations
 * Getting more people involved :)
 * <- Insert topic here

What do you think?

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