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store SiG Meeting, mockup

jeffrey tadlock: The Fedora Store SIG [1] will be holding a brief meeting [2]
today at
18:00 UTC in the #fedora-mktg IRC channel.  Open action items are
listed on the Store SIG page.  These items include getting a mockup
(we could really use an artists help on this one) done of the page and
encouraging discussion on who to choose as a vendor.  You can also get
a summary of what we have done so far in this post [3] to the
marketing list over the weekend.

Sorry for the late notice, I meant to send out the reminder email yesterday.


I'm more than happy to throw some stuff together for the mockup, but its going
to be difficult for me to attend the meetings at the moment as i have just
started a new job where my finishing time is 21:00 UTC, but im going to have
to try and get hold of you and mizmo on IRC to se where we can go with this.

Ash Joseph

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