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Re: Fedora Forums

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
Hi again :p

I'm not sure this is the best place to put this, as I know that
fedoraforums.org is run independently of the main project - but I also
know at least Rahul is involved with the project.

It is a privately owned website. There are a bunch of us who are administrators including me. The general work there is keeping the threads clean, removing spam etc and I have been making sure atleast someone from the development side is responding to various questions.

Now that Fedora is allowed to point at legally dubious stuff from the
website, is it worth considering pulling fedoraforums.org under the
official fedora banner? At the very least it would be fun to try and
expand the consistent look and feel we're now striving for on the
website, and it might make it easier for new users to find and have
confidence in the forums.

This is just a thought - it may be a completely useless one :)

Fedora forum has already been officially endorsed for a while. User generated content is not our legal liability so linking to the forum was feasible even before the recent decision.

The fact that is endorsed in mentioned in a few places



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