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Re: CONFIRMED: marketing meeting, Thursday, 2000 UTC


Per our last meeting, I've put together a draft skeleton of a Fedora marketing plan. I benchmarked against several templates and existing marketing plans and pulled together the sections I believe are most relevant for Fedora. I'm not able to post to the wiki yet, so I'm just attaching the document to this email for now. I look forward to discussing this on today's chat, and figuring out how to best get people to claim ownership of different sections of the plan.


Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:

That's 3pm Eastern US time.

We'll meet on irc.freenode.net, #fedora-mktg. See you all then.


John Q. Adams
Brand Manager | Red Hat
Brand Communications + Design
joadams redhat com

Attachment: fedora marketing plan template.pdf
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