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[Fwd: Making release a snap]

Who like to be the representative from the marketing SIG?


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Subject: Making release a snap
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 16:04:49 -0500
From: Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com>
Reply-To: fedora-advisory-board redhat com
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During our releases -- whether development (Alpha, Beta, PR) or GA -- we
sometimes run into one or two minor speedbumps, usually because there
are so many processes to wrangle for each area of responsibility in
Fedora.  Some of these are documented, but probably not all.  We want to
tie together ambassadorial and marketing efforts with press releases,
artwork and translations for the website, release of documentation such
as the release notes and guides, static pages for the web, and so on.
(If I missed your favorite area of expertise, my apologies.)

While we don't want to bog down the doers with unnecessary process, we
might be served well by having some sort of cross-project schedule of
events.  That way. when the Big Day arrives, all the relevant
sub-project areas can simply check off their lists internally.  Is there
interest in trying to improve things this way?

If so, we could do something like the following:

* Each supporting sub-project could offer a point person, maybe the
chair, or a delegate who's been around the release cycle a couple times.
* The point person gathers a proto-schedule of the sub-project's
responsibilities.  (This may already be done, which makes this person's
job much easier -- just send a link.)
* I've asked John Poelstra to collect these, take a first shot at
organizing them, and send copies back to the whole group.  This is a
similar process to what he already managed successfully for the overall
release plan, only a more granular scale targeting release day in
* Next week (sometime between 25-29 February) we have a joint phone
session to discuss the preliminary schedule, chase down any dependencies
as needed, and determine if further action is needed.

The goal is not to add to overhead, but to make the release day the flip
of the switch for which we all yearn.  In other words, release day
becomes a non-event for us, and a BIG event for the rest of the world.

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