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Re: Recruiting Students (Campus Ambassadors)

My role at MIT is to try and make things easier for all Linux users whatever their skill level and whatever their preferred distribution.

In the past MIT had Project Athena which acted as a focal point and framework to get students involved in writing software and getting it out into the world. It seems to me that MIT has, if you will, "gone meta" on institutionally nurturing open source development. It's kind of assumed that MIT students will write software if necessary as part of some bigger world-changing activity.

Living in the trenches as I do, however, I am concerned that not enough attention is going into identifying talented and interested students, and giving them an entree into the process of getting their ideas cooked up tested out and put into the world. Yes there are exciting research projects where a community is formed and creative stuff is done, but when the project is over, everybody goes home and the lessons learned are published, not passed on.

Recognizing that I cannot get funding for a curriculum activity, and I need to assure important bureaucrats that I am not endorsing a product, or even putting MIT institutionally behind only one of many possible worthy Linux endeavors, I think the Fedora Community is a worthy framework.

What would I like to see from your program:

My goal is to help students interested in contributing to open source to find out if Fedora is right for them, and if so to make it easy for them to get involved, and to enlarge the MIT Linux talent pool.

Similarly to the position articulated by Jeff Spaleta, I need some advice in doing the outreach. What kinds of outreach have been done at other schools? What are the pieces to get this sort of thing started? Most importantly, how can I show that it would be a valuable thing to try with low risk to the bureaucrats?

Would I really get emails from students interested in participating in Linux support and development if I did nothing more than poster the campus?



William Cattey
Linux Platform Coordinator
MIT Information Services & Technology

N42-040M, 617-253-0140, wdc mit edu

On Jun 29, 2008, at 12:06 AM, Larry Cafiero wrote:

Hey All,

I appreciate all the enthusiasm, I know you guys are eager to join, but I was more curious in what you guys felt about the actual idea and what you would expect out of such a program? I want it to be different than the
current ambassadors setup.

 I know you guys have some bright ideas--let me hear them.


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