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Re: Recruiting Students (Campus Ambassadors)

Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:

Given that many of the responders to the thread are already Fedora
Ambassadors and ready to help, why do you want a different setup than
the current ambassadors?  If the current isn't seen as working well -
then lets focus on fixing that so both ambassadors working on a
college campus and those of us working at open source conferences and
events can all benefit.

What do we gain by not working within the Ambassador framework for
this?  I think this is a project that fits under the Ambassador group
quite nicely and would let us build on lessons already learned by that
group and also allow for lessons learned by ambassadors working on
college campuses to feed back into the ambassador group as well.


The main reasons for this working outside of ambassadors is that we are going to have a different governance model around this and the goals will be slightly different....


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