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Re: SPAMS [WAS: Dipanjan C sent you a special gift]

I am very sorry for my carelessness. I was trying to forward this mail to all my friends, but entirely forgot that the fedora mailing list is also in my contacts. This is entirely due to my carelessness and I am to blame. I promise to be more careful  in the future.  I deeply appologise to all  that I  have offended, and am ready to do all  that is necessary to redress this.

Dipanjan Chakraborty.

2008/7/5 Jason Benedict Low <jbenedictlow gmail com>:
Block is solving one SPAM. If possible report to the Provider of his abuse.

Kushal Das wrote:
On Saturday 05 July 2008 07:40:02 pm Dipanjan Chakraborty wrote:
Dipanjan gave you a gift, find out what you got by joining BluBet.

Can anyone block this person ?


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