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Re: rebranding EPEL

I will definitely be on this....


Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
Bringing this discussion to Fedora Marketing as the best place for
another fun (re)branding exercise.  fedora-epel-devel-list has been
invited here for the discussion.

Many of us think, with the agreement of the EPEL Steering Committee,
that the name 'EPEL' is, uh, insufficient.  Well, it sucks a little bit,
but it was also a reasonable resolution that let us get ahead with the
actual work.  This topic is about what we should rename/rebrand EPEL.
If you really like the EPEL name, you'll have to rally a team of
supporters to convince the rest of us that it is worth keeping. :)

Tomorrow, Wednesday 9 July, at 1400 EDT/1800 UTC we are going to kick
off the renaming with a conference call.  Hopefully some branding folks
from Red Hat can join.

From https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Meetings#Teleconference_number :

* Get the VoIP/dial-in number details here:


* Fedora Marketing now has a conference room setup to use at-will, it is
extension 2004.

- Karsten

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