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Re: Using multimedia as a resource to promote Fedora

2008/7/9 Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com>:
2008/7/9 Roní Gonçalves <ronignc yahoo com br>:
> And a "Release Video" could be done with co-operation of the marketing and artwork teams and  be disponible in the Fedora Project  Mainpage.

I am not sure we have the tools in distro right now that are capable
of producing a high enough quality video meant solely as a promotional
propoganda. I personally think F10 is too early a timeframe to try to
do this and be successful considering the current state of editting
tools in the distro and our cumulative lack of experience trying to
use them.  Tutorial screencast and interviews, are going to be far
easier targets to succeed because they won't need much in the way of
editing, or direction.

Hi, Jeff :)
With this point of yours, I agree. There are not really professional tools to make a solely promotional propaganda. But, my idea is not to restrict the use of videos, it is more to use more video/multimedia. Screencasts and interviews are great formats to promote Fedora, because they are not only show, but also instructive.

And I think its extremely important that we limit our video production
efforts to only using in distro tools for anything which could be
conceived as official.  If individual users want to use external tools
and create promotional videos that's fine by me.. it's not like I can
stop them. But if its coming out of the Fedora Marketing or the Fedora
Art group as official work, then we need to stick to in distro tools
and start having a real conversation about finding contributors who
can work with the upstream developers to make these tools better.

Here, I understand your point of view, but do not agree with it. Limiting our video production using only the distro tools would be important if the focus was to promote the tools, but it is not. This position is against the concept of freedom of choice. If the distro does not have tools good enough to provide video editing, it should not be reason for do not use other tools, or even, other distros to make propaganda. IMHO, this behaviour is too much rigid.

Hell, I haven't even started to poke people about making use of
blender yet to generate artistic video content.

Well [to rhyme with hell], Blender is a REALLY professional tool. The videos do not need, necessarily, to be professional; semi-pro is all right :D
I also don't know how we are going to ever be able to provide embedded
video in a way that makes sense on our main site.    Flash doesn't
support ogg yet, so we can't easily generate a flash video that works
for our userbase.  And for people outside our userbase, I'm not sure
there is a way to embed theora into a page and have it work for
people.  Is there a java applet floating around that lets you embed
theora and view it?


Fedora-marketing-list mailing list
Fedora-marketing-list redhat com

This is the deep point to the viability for the providing of videos. There must be, as you wrote, care with both parts: people of the inside and outside userbase. About you last question, I do not know either.

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