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Re: Article: Concept Art for Fedora 10

Hy all,

my first idea was also "we live in 2008 and not 19xx .... " but thats another thing ;-) But I also has the thought if we can't think a bit bigger for FC10?! This is the 10th Version of an Operatingsystem. 10th Anniversery. We have a one and THEN the null behind. We have decades going forward...

So just some thoughts/ideas we could have:
- collect all the (unpublished) Artwork of the years and put them together
- ask VIP's (let your imagination flow who this could be...) make some Artwork
- put in some photos as backgrounds, maybe from big events or meetings...
- other ideas...

So, any comments on my ideas?

Henrik Heigl

// wonderer @ fedoraproject.org //

Jason Benedict Low schrieb:
I am not an artist or graphic designer etc, but i still think that FC10 should have a more shinny and clean theme...just my 2cts.

Best Regards,
------ When i work nobody care. When i rest everybody stare. ------

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:


Quite negative the comments there ("hopefully someone will have a bit more taste and not accept any of these..." or "What a horrible, horrible set of themes. My eyes hurt just looking at them. ") or even just weird ("fedora core 4 was nice") but I guess there is some truth in the saying "there is no sich thing as bad publicity"

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