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Re: Article: Concept Art for Fedora 10

wonderer wrote:

my first idea was also "we live in 2008 and not 19xx .... " but thats another thing ;-)

Care to elaborate a bit around that?

But I also has the thought if we can't think a bit bigger for FC10?! This is the 10th Version of an Operatingsystem. 10th Anniversery. We have a one and THEN the null behind. We have decades going forward...

Or we can restart the counter, change the project name, whatever... remember how RHL morphed into Fedora when it was to hit the magic number.

So just some thoughts/ideas we could have:
- collect all the (unpublished) Artwork of the years and put them together

There was a work-in-progress about that: http://molaora.com/index.php?photos/album/8/photo/39.html but as you can see, it was about published Artwork, not unpublished (as there may be a reason why some graphics were not published).

- ask VIP's (let your imagination flow who this could be...) make some Artwork

I think that would be a major blow to the Art Team, like lack of confidence in their/our skills.

- put in some photos as backgrounds, maybe from big events or meetings...

Such photos do not make for a good wallpaper on which one would stare all day long. And we need an assortment of additional graphics (banners, splashes) to match.

- other ideas...

So, any comments on my ideas?

How about talking about that on the Art list? Not all of us are subscribed here.

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