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Re: Article: Concept Art for Fedora 10

i already apologise if i expressed in the wrong way, and i already explain my point. So, what is you idea sandro?
we are all friends here, aren't we?

2008/7/15 Sandro red Mathys <red fedoraproject org>:

Sílvio Reis wrote:
I hope none of these themes is approved for release of Fedora 10. agh! They hurt my eyes!

Maybe you should go see an eye specialist, then.

I like most of all those themes and I'm happy that it's not my job to choose the ultimate one - I just couldn't, this time. Thanks to the art team - you're doing a great job.

oh, for those artists who'd like to hear more opinions over their theme (from people outside the art list): blog about your theme on the planet and you'll sure get some opinions. Always worked for mizmo...


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Sílvio Reis


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