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Re: Improved audio from Paul Frields 2008 fudcon talk ogg

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 9:21 AM, Valent Turkovic
<valent turkovic gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I listened to Paul Frields 2008 fudcon talk fron an ogg I downloaded
> [1] from "Fedora TV" Miro channel [2].
> The audio is really hard to listen because it is recorded far from the
> speaker (my conclusion) so I can hear Paul barely. To hear him well I
> need to turn on the volume really high but then my eardrums almost
> exploded when I heard first applause because that is much, much, much
> lauder!
> To fix that is trivial and here is how I did it.
> 1. I opened the ogg in audacity
> 2. selected the whole track
> 3. under Effect I choose "Leveller" and applied to on the "Hardest" setting.
> 4. listened to the output
> 5. again applied "Leveller" with hardest setting
> 6. exported the audio.
> Please listen and compare my version [3] with one on Miro site.
> if you can connect me with people uploading audio I can give them tips
> like this on how to enhance audio for better quality.
> Cheers,
> Valent.
> [1] http://herlo.fedorapeople.org/files/fudconf10paulfrields.ogg
> [2] https://miroguide.com/channels/6891
> [3] http://valent.fedorapeople.org/fudconf10paulfrields-4.ogg



I didn't take the time to do this because I wanted to get it out
quickly, but I am glad the improvements were made.  I have put up some
others on my fedorapeople[1] page.  Maybe I should finish the ones for
seneca college and others.



1 - http://herlo.fedorapeople.org/files/fudcon-olpc-final.ogg

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