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Re: how to make others understand Fedora Project?

Valent Turkovic wrote:
I saw that there is a lot of missunderstanding of fedora and it's
goals. It saw that this has been talked about a lot in Fedora Board
meetings. But how to go practically and explain to other fedora and
non-fedora users this.

As an example look at this thread I started:

This isn't just a matter of perception though that plays a big part. The fundamental issue here seems to be quality including making the right decisions initially as well as continue to be regression free as much as possible post release. Looking at Fedora 9, there is a cost to bringing in new technologies (Xorg 7.4, KDE 4 etc). KDE 4 has increasingly got bad press and that is going to rub off on Fedora 9 quite a bit. We aren't going to convert Fedora into a very conservative distribution suddenly but the situation can be improved.

Post-release we have had atleast one major screwup of breaking encrypted wireless in a kernel security update.


While we have changed the policies to adopt, every release has a few of these. I am hoping Red Hat focuses on getting automated tests running for beaker on a daily basis for all the updates we ever push out including for rawhide


Meanwhile there are other manual QA activities including test cases and bug triaging which can help quite a bit


I am trying to see if we can fix our response time to be better via



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