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Re: Community input wanted: How to compile questions for an interview.

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
Okay,  I have the ear of a certain Dr. Gregory B. Newby concerning the
use of Fedora and scientific computing.

yay !!

Here's what I'd like to do. I'd like to compile a list of questions
taken from the community to ask him and them I'm going to hold a
somewhat longish video and chop it up into segments based on general
subject matter.  But how do i compile that list of questions? I'd
prefer a list to be somewhat rank ordered so I make sure I ask him
some of the most popular questions.  Though I plan to reserve the
right to things not highly rated as well.

How about asking what stuff they'd like to see in Fedora in terms of internal engineering bits ? ;) Or, the very usual 'why did you end up choosing Fedora ?'


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