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Re: I/F/V out, 4 Fedora Foundations in!

Paul W. Frields wrote:

One of the things that would help would be some new poster artwork that
would explain the 4 foundations the way that Mo Duffy's posters
exaplained IFV.  We might be able to just adapt the existing posters,
because they are simple, eye-catching, and right to the point.  We'd
just alter the text a little.

Or someone might have an idea for a new design, that would still
complement our Web design.  I'm going to put this request in the Artwork
queue.  Does anyone have specific ideas about other collateral that we
want for Fedora 10?

While the current posters seems to be really effective, I think we may want to try a different angle, like emphasizing the "people" part of Fedora, you know, maybe borrowing a bit from the "I am Fedora" video [1].

I understand it may me not easy to create such posters and we may have logistic problems, but I think it is a good angle.

[1] - http://mihmo.livejournal.com/57168.html

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