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Re: Fedora disconnection?

Rahul Sundaram escribió:
Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
There has been a heated discussion over several threads in www.fedoraforum.org about how disconnected some users feel from the development team, as well as a general "lack of direction" in Fedora's leadership. The latest of these discussions started about an article (posted a few months back here in the marketing list) about PackageKit and from there it spanned a rather heated discussion about Fedora and a perceived increasing developers<-->users gap.

I have already discussed this issue in the private staff forum and a few of the administrators are now showing up in #fedora-devel IRC channel to help bridge this gap.


Thank you Rahul. I knew about some staffers being in contact with some community members (devs, management, etc) just didn't know at what level. I hope that some sort of consensus can be reached or some sort of Ambassadors program for the 100K+ users in the forums.

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