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Re: Introduction

Welcome Joe.

2008/7/29 Lab Rat <labster gmail com>
Well i am currently a linux user i have used alot of the major distros out there and still keep coming back to fedora.  I am a Cg Artist and Airbrush artistand i am currently working in a small community and trying ot promote linux to the community at large here and to promote it to business to use for there web servers and in store computers.  I have been in the linux community since kernel 1 was out and started working on linux then with slackware on 3.5" floppies to install.  Currently i am a part time computer techinican in my spare time i have been working on computers since i was 9 years old by the time i was 13 i was writing my own bbs games for my dads bbs at the time and now i have a extensive background in computers ranging rom working with old DEC alpha systems to newer server systems and thing clients.  I have worked for version dsl internet services as a technical support agent and since then i have been working as myself on computers and educating people on computers as well as teaching kids on how to use comptuers.  I would like to help the fedora community with marketing it anyway i can to use my skills as both a CG artist and Airbrush artist and to educate people here in this small town on the world that is linux and open source and what it is.


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