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Fedora 9 interviews - what's left


I see http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Interviews/EricSandeen done by Rodrigo Menezes. It seems complete though he hasn't announced it himself.

What's left?

FreeIPA - really unique and we are leading this effort that probably will help solve one of the major admin pain point

Presto is in limbo for now. So we can skip it

Jidgo - Should cover if we are getting this as one of the alternative distribution methods for Fedora 9. Cover pyjidgo and whatever new features we are driving. Some discussions at


PreUpgrade - Should be really interesting to cover

Anaconda - Very visible changes.Interview the entire Anaconda team. Partition resizing support, Encryption support, netinst.iso that combines boot.iso and rescue.iso, lots of other backend work

Display - Adam Jackson is release guy for the next upstream release and scheduled it around Fedora 9. Should cover Fast X, RandR and probably Soeren's work covered to some extend in


Virtualization - Lot of major work esp xen on paravirt_ops. Look up a lot of blogs including


Get in touch with Daniel Berrange. He would know who else we can interview on this. Ask about Ovirt, virtual appliance creator, policy kit integration with virt manager, virtual storage, virt kernel boot etc.

LTSP integration - Very high profile. Interview Warren and Eric. https://lists.berlios.de/pipermail/jigdo-user/2007-November/000113.html

Upstart - Probably the first time, we had a very core feature be mostly community driven. Need to cover the FUDCon decision bits too. Not too interesting technically since we no distribution is actually taking advantage of upstart features yet and will be running under sysvinit compatibility mode.

GDM, Gvfs, GCC 4.3 - Fedora is driving upstream. Backend stuff though except for GDM. We will be early adopters so might be good to cover GDM first.

Swfdec - Consult with desktop team and interview upstream too if we are getting this installed by default

SELinux user space confinement - Not in the feature list but this is a interesting feature neverthless and deserves to be highlighted better. Blog at


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