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name for Fedora compute grid project

Recently under discussion on f-a-b is the idea of creating a
million-node compute grid using Condor and other tools.  This might
include, for example, the ability to join the grid during firstboot.
Catch up on that thread here:


We are suffering from a cool name; we are in danger of calling it
"Fedora Home" in the meantime, and with one pick-up of that name in
Fedora Weekly News, someone is going to come pressing trademark rights.
Shall we declare it a codename in seek of a replacement?

What this thing is:

* A cool piece of technology with a grid client and Fedora-run grid
* A way to contribute to Fedora with spare CPU cycles from your
machine(s); useful for everyone from Web surfing grandmas to kernel
hackers with quad-cores
* A chance to create something that Fedorans can use for good projects:
  - Distributed build-system
  - Social and technical causes that match with Fedora values/ideals
  - Cool research

It's some kind of convergence, which is why it needs a cool name, right?

- Karsten
Karsten Wade, Developer Community Mgr.
Dev Fu : http://developer.redhatmagazine.com
Fedora : http://quaid.fedorapeople.org
gpg key : AD0E0C41

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