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Some marketing tips from Linux magazine

Hey all,

I had the opportunity to ask Joe Cassad from Linux Magazine about how
they come across ideas for stories and articles, and what Fedora can
do to make it easier for them to find stories about Fedora. The most
important part of the response I got was this

>  * In an ideal world, how would you like to go about getting
> information about a project like Fedora when trying to find material
> for new articles? Essentially, what can Fedora do for you to make your
> job easier!?

I'm not sure where you are on this now, but one thing I have noticed in
the past is that it is difficult to get good documentation on Fedora
until after the release. If I don't get to see a detailed description
of highlights or new features until the release notes appear, this task
of finding good article topics can't start until the release. It then
takes a couple months to get an article and a couple more months to
edit and print the magazine. If there were a way to get better
documentation before the release, that would help a lot. I don't know
if you're having to content with non-disclosure strategies here, so
maybe this isn't possible.


> Do you know about our FeatureList page?
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/9/FeatureList

OK. That's useful to know about. I'll watch that list. The important
part is the description. Some of these features have useful
descriptions some are not as easy to understand at a glance.


What do people think? Maybe the SSS could help us here? And the
FeatureList could be promoted more/cleaned up by marketing or docs

Best wishes,


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