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Re: Some marketing tips from Linux magazine

On Thu, 6 Mar 2008, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
I'm not sure where you are on this now, but one thing I have noticed in
the past is that it is difficult to get good documentation on Fedora
until after the release. If I don't get to see a detailed description
of highlights or new features until the release notes appear, this task
of finding good article topics can't start until the release.


What do people think? Maybe the SSS could help us here? And the
FeatureList could be promoted more/cleaned up by marketing or docs
Maybe an official news blog-type-thing, most likely on the front page,
would help get news out to other larger Linux news sites.  (I'm not
necessarily sure if this has been attempted before already.)

Are press releases also an option?

Both could be used when announcements are made about features, new
alphas/betas are available, etc.

-- ian

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