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Re: name for Fedora compute grid project

2008/3/5 Karsten 'quaid' Wade <kwade redhat com>:
>  * A cool piece of technology with a grid client and Fedora-run grid
>  master
>  * A way to contribute to Fedora with spare CPU cycles from your
>  machine(s); useful for everyone from Web surfing grandmas to kernel
>  hackers with quad-cores
>  * A chance to create something that Fedorans can use for good projects:
>   - Distributed build-system
>   - Social and technical causes that match with Fedora values/ideals
>   - Cool research
>  It's some kind of convergence, which is why it needs a cool name, right?

Okay, assuming we are only going to allow Fedora clients:
The Fedora Trellis:
The 'open' grid supporting Fedora's growth.

If we are going to allow non-Fedora clients I would just call it The Trellis:

trellis (n)
1.  A structure of open latticework, especially one used as a support
for vines and other creeping plants.

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